Talking to Lift

LiftBot doesn't just comment, it also listens for comments as commands. While its vocabulary is limited right now, it will grow over time.

When talking to LiftBot, you may need to refresh to see its response.

Getting LiftBot's Attention

To issue LiftBot a command, simply type @sonatype-lift followed by the command. This ensures LiftBot doesn’t chime in when you aren't talking to it.

Ignore - Mark a Report as a False Positive

LiftBot is preconfigured to minimize noise from false positives but isn't perfect and wants to improve. Should LiftBot report an issue that you determine isn’t a bug, you can tell LiftBot to ignore that report going forward. When you comment @sonatype-lift ignore, LiftBot will remove the bug report from results and from the status bar in Github.

Unignore - Undo an Ignore Report

Should you or a colleague comment @sonatype-lift ignore but change your mind and wish the report to remain, you can comment @sonatype-lift unignore and LiftBot will undo the ignore notation and treat the report as a legitimate bug report.

Ignore All - Ignore All Existing Bugs for a Single PR

When you comment @sonatype-lift ignoreall,  LiftBot will disregard all existing bugs which it found in a single pull request. These bugs will not cause the Lift status check to fail.

Exclude - Get a configuration setting to prevent reporting of this and similar issues

Commenting @sonatype-lift exclude file will be responded to with the configuration file setting needed to prevent issues being reported against this file. Similarly using path (instead of file) will show how to omit the path while tool and issue will show how to block results from a given tool or about a specific type of issue respectively.

Help - Get Help from LiftBot

If you need a reminder of LiftBot's commands, or how to get further information or to add Lift to another project, comment @sonatype-lift help and LiftBot will respond with a list of commands and quick links to our documentation where you can view results or add Lift to other projects.