Getting Started

The Lift app is installed and managed through the GitHub marketplace at Getting started with Lift is as easy as:

  1. Installing the GitHub app and authenticating with Sonatype
  2. Selecting a few repositories to analyze
  3. Viewing any bugs found in the Lift Console

These steps let you quickly see existing issues within your code base. This page outlines the first step, installing and authenticating.

Once installed and authenticated, Lift normally runs automatically at each pull request and reports only on new errors, delivering results as inline code review comments. Learn about our developer-centric approach to code analysis at Using Lift for more information about the other steps.

GitHub App Installation

Lift needs to be installed and, like many GitHub applications, granted some permissions against your GitHub account (or organization). For more detail and to address any concerns, see Security FAQs. This section details how to connect a single GitHub organization to Lift. For multiple organizations within a single account, follow these steps repeatedly.

  1. Login to your GitHub account and go to the application settings page. Click install.

    If you have Lift already associated with your account or any organizations you have permissions for in your account, this button will instead say configure.

    After clicking it, before the next step, you will need to pick the Organization (or your own account) you want to install Lift on.

  2. Lift can be configured to analyze all of your repositories or a select subset of them. Choose one of these options from the dialog, shown here:

  3. Review the application permissions and click Install & Authorize.
  4. Once the app is installed, Lift will now attempt to analyze pull requests for your repositories. If you have not already done so, you will be redirected to authenticate (as described below). You will then be taken to the Lift Console.

Authentication with Sonatype and Lift

Authenticating is required to see the Lift Console and utilize Lift. After installing the app or on access to, if you are not authenticated you will be prompted to do so. Here are some points regarding account access with Lift:

  • If you already have an existing Sonatype account, such as from accessing the forums or a business support account, you can use those credentials (email and password).
  • After authenticating on access to the Lift Console, accounts that have not installed Lift will be shown an Integrations screen that will guide you to install it as described above.
  • Post-authentication, any accounts whose setup is incomplete will be shown the Integrations screen with a Repair link. Repair will guide you through the necessary steps to restore your authorization. More guidance on repair is available via the Troubleshooting page.

After installation and authentication, you're all good to go!

For more information about running a full analysis on your repositories or how Lift interacts with your PRs, see Using Lift. Happy Lifting!