Add, View, and Remove Waivers

Add Waiver button permissions

The ability to add waivers is limited based on user roles. Review our documentation for User Management to learn how to view and edit user roles.

Accessing the Violation Details Page and Waivers for Violation Page

To add, view, or remove waivers, navigate to the Violation Details Page.

From the Dashboard, click on the violation. Alternatively, from the Application Composition Report, go to the Policy Violations tab, click on a component, and then on the violation.

Click the Manage Waivers button in the upper-right corner to go to the Waivers for Violation page.

A summary of the violation details, along with a list of any applicable waivers and their corresponding status is displayed.

Adding a Waiver

Click on the Add Waiver button in the Applicable Waivers table to go to the Add Waiver page.

The component's name and coordinates, the selected policy, and severity is shown here. You'll also see the Constraint Name and the Conditions that the waiver will cover.

Refer to the table below to configure the waiver. Need more details on waivers? Go to Waiver Concepts.

ScopeChoose whether the waiver applies to the Application, Organization, or Root Organization. The Application is  smallest in scope and usually implies that the waiver will affect the current project.

Choose whether the waiver applies to only the component you selected from the Application Composition Report, or to all components in the Scope you selected previously.


component name (all versions) - Option to create a waiver for all versions of that component.

Waiver Expiration

Select an expiration duration for this waiver. Waivers expire end-of-day (11:59:59 pm) on the day when the count is completed. All times are calculated using the user's system time. 


Select "Custom" to configure a specific expiration date (later than current date) for the waiver.  

CommentAdd a comment, if desired.


Created By

When creating a new waiver, you will see your information below the comments field.

Viewing Waivers

To view a list of active waivers from the Dashboard, click the Filter button at the top-right, open the Violation State chevron, and ensure that only the Waived box is checked.

To view a list of active waivers from an Application Composition Report, turn off the Aggregate by component option, click the Filter button at the top-right, open the Violation State chevron, and ensure that only the Waived box is checked.

Requesting a Waiver

If you do not have permission to create waivers, click on Request Waiver. This will generate the necessary component and policy violation details to communicate to individuals with waiving permissions.

Note that clicking the Request Waiver does not send an automatic request.

Removing a Waiver

To delete a waiver, click on the trash icon located in the row corresponding to the waiver.