Options Dropdown

The top right corner of the report displays a button drop-down that gives you access to a few options present in the report:

The available options are explained below.

Generate PDF

The Generate PDF option allows you to create a PDF version of the report that you can use for actual printing on paper, distribution to recipients without access to the IQ Server, or simply for archival purposes. It also works as a great bill of materials for your application.

View SBOM 


The View SBOM option allows you to view the component bill of materials of the report in CycloneDX format.

View raw data

The view raw data option allows you to access the Raw Data View. This page contains  license and security data that resulted from the analysis performed by Sonatype's Hosted Data Services; it does not include information that is the result of IQ policy evaluation.

View vulnerabilities 

The view vulnerabilities option allows you to access the Vulnerabilities List.

View legacy report 

The view legacy report option allows you to access the legacy version of the Application Composition Report.