Advanced Search

The Advanced Search feature allows you to search for the following types on a variety of fields using a powerful search syntax.

  • Organizations
  • Applications
  • Application Categories
  • Component Labels
  • Components
  • Policies
  • Security Vulnerabilities

Security vulnerabilities are only indexed for the latest application composition reports.

A search index is required in order to use this feature.

Need a video? Watch a short primer about Advanced Search at this link, or view below!

Creating a Search Index

Creating a search index is a resource-intensive operation that can be demanding on IQ Server's database and which can take in the order of minutes to complete depending on IQ Server's database size.

We highly recommend only performing this operation at times when your IQ Server is under minimal usage.

A System Administrator can create a search index either via the Advanced Search REST API or through IQ Server's UI via the Advanced Search configuration page in the System Preferences menu. The latter requires the "Enabled" checkbox to first be ticked (but not necessarily saved) in order to click the "Re-Index" button.

After successfully creating a search index you will see the last index time shown on the configuration page.


Advanced Search automatically re-indexes when any changes are made to the IQ Server application data. Automatic indexing currently happens when a change is made to one of the following:

  • Organizations
  • Applications
  • Application Categories
  • Component Labels
  • Policies
  • Security vulnerabilities that impact you

Automatic indexing only applies to data changes made whilst the feature is enabled. In order for Advanced Search to index historical data, you must run a manual index.

Enabling Advanced Search

Before release 94, Advanced Search results are not restricted by permissions.

This means that an IQ Server user could see results for items that they would not normally be able to view.

However this does not mean they can access restricted items, merely that they can see their existence as well as any information included in the Advanced Search results themselves.

After a search index has been successfully created you are ready to enable the Advanced Search feature and make it available to all IQ Server users.

To do this a System Administrator must enable Advanced Search through IQ Server's UI via its configuration page.


For new installations, Advanced Search is enabled by default and the search index is created automatically.

Performing a Search

When Advanced Search is enabled, IQ Server users will have the option of performing a search.

Clause Count Limit in Queries NEW IN RELEASE 136

If a query is made and it involves too many organizations or applications, it's possible to get an error message asking to limit the query to a specific organization or update the configuration to support larger queries.

Please try first narrowing the queries as much as possible, but if the limit is still exceeded then you can edit the config.yml file to include this configuration:

# 2048 is the default value
maxAdvancedSearchClauseCount: 2048