2018 Release Notes

Sonatype encourages using the most current IQ Server release and not trailing behind more than six months. Release notes for the most current versions can be viewed here .

1.45 (March 2018)

Improved Database Format for Reduced Disk Space Consumption

This version of Nexus IQ Server uses a revised format to store the policy violation data to reduce its disk space consumption. Especially installations that have applications with a long history of policy evaluations or with a high frequency of policy evaluations will benefit from this upgrade.

Depending on the size of your existing installation and the hardware running your IQ Server, upgrading to this new version can take notable time. Be sure to read the instructions for Upgrading the IQ Server to Version 1.45 to prepare yourself appropriately.

Automatic Application Creation

Nexus IQ Server now allows automatic creation of applications. Users with permission to manage automatic application creation can enable this feature and specify the parent organization for any automatically-created applications. When enabled, if a policy evaluation is performed for an application ID that does not exist, a new application with that ID will be created automatically instead of failing. Only the Nexus IQ CLI has been updated to take advantage of this new feature as of this release.

Anonymous Access Removed in Nexus IQ CLI

Nexus IQ CLI no longer supports anonymous access. With this change we begin the process of phasing out support for anonymous access from Nexus IQ clients.

1.44 (February 2018)

Login Modal Styling Improvements

The Nexus IQ Server login window has been updated with styling that matches the other forms within the application.

Automatic Import of Reference Policies

Upon first start, the Nexus IQ Server will now automatically download and import the current Reference Policy Set. This removes the need for an administrator to manually find, download, and import policies when getting started with IQ for the first time. The manual import capability is still provided.

1.43 (January 2018)

Configuration Changes due to Upgraded Server Infrastructure

The Nexus IQ Server infrastructure has been upgraded, bringing with it many benefits including a more powerful configuration format for its networking and logging.

(warning) If you wish to use a configuration file from a prior version, then you must update it. Please refer to our configuration update guide for more information.

Product License Page Improvements

The Product License page has been enhanced to display additional important information including company name, primary contact name and e-mail address, license type(s), licensed users, expiration date, and days remaining. Additionally, we have provided more guidance for license installations.

Sandbox Organization and Application for Fresh Installs

Fresh installations starting with this version will, by default, create a "Sandbox Organization" with a child "Sandbox Application". This is to help facilitate the training of new users by providing a premade and safe sandbox for them to learn within. Please refer to the sample data configuration for more information.