2019 Release Notes

Sonatype encourages using the most current IQ Server release and not trailing behind more than six months. Release notes for the most current versions can be viewed here .

Release 58 (January 2019)

Support for Evaluating Java 10/11 Applications and Components

The application and component evaluation have been updated to support Java 10/11 bytecode.

Audit Logging for Policy Violation Notifications and Webhooks

Audit logging functionality has been extended to include

Python Coordinate-Based Matching for More Clients

Python coordinate detection via the requirements.txt file has been extended from just the IQ Server and CLI to also include the Jenkins, Bamboo, and Maven plugins as well as the Vulnerability Scanner.

Release 57 (January 2019)

Audit Logging for Reporting

Audit logging functionality has been extended to include

Component Category in CIP

The Component Information Panel has been updated to display the component category identified by Sonatype.

Policy Centric App Report Preview

A new look of the Application Report is being added to IQ which will allow the user to interpret the report in a more policy-centric manner.  We call this the Policy Centric App Report, and a preview of this new look is now available alongside the existing reports.