Licensing and Features


The Sonatype IQ Server powers multiple Sonatype solutions, including Lifecycle, Auditor, Firewall, and Lifecycle Foundation. Each solution's corresponding license controls access to IQ Server tools and features. You may have access to some or all of IQ Server tools and features depending on the solution you purchased.

In general, when we are talking about a solution, we are referring to a particular license (e.g., Sonatype Lifecycle vs. Sonatype Repository Firewall) and the features it unlocks. In contrast, when we describe a product, we specifically mean the thing you will install (e.g., Sonatype IQ Server). The table below breaks down the various solutions (licenses) and their corresponding products.

Solution (License)

Product (What's Installed)

Sonatype LifecycleSonatype IQ Server
Sonatype Lifecycle FoundationSonatype IQ Server
Sonatype AuditorSonatype IQ Server

Sonatype Repository Firewall*

Sonatype IQ Server + 
Plugin for supported repository manager**

Feature Matrix

As shown above, you may install the same product (Sonatype IQ Server) regardless of which license you purchase. Use the matrix below to understand the features each license unlocks.

Legend: = Supported  = Not Available


Sonatype Auditor

Sonatype Repository Firewall

Sonatype Lifecycle 

Sonatype Lifecycle Foundation
High Availability

Organization Management

Application Management

Policy Management

Continuous Monitoring

Analysis Stages

  • Proxy

  • Develop

  • Source

  • Build

  • Stage

  • Release

  • Operate

Automatic Enforcement

(release only)

(proxy only)

(all stages, minus proxy)


  • Repository

  • CLI

  • IDE

  • Build and Continuous Integration

  • SCM

Dashboard and Reporting

  • Dashboard

  • Application Composition Report

  • Repository Results

Platform Capabilities


  • Application Webhooks

  • Repository Webhooks

*The Sonatype Repository Firewall solution requires installation of both Sonatype IQ Server and Sonatype Nexus Repository or JFrog Artifactory. For more information, please see Firewall - Getting Started.

**Plugin for Sonatype Nexus Repository is bundled with Sonatype Nexus Repository product.