Download and Compatibility

You should have already received an email containing the necessary information to unlock all the Nexus IQ Server features you have purchased. If you have not received this, please contact your Sales executive directly, or send an email to

Depending on your purchase, you may need to install additional tools such as the Bamboo or Jenkins plugin. No matter what was purchased, you will need to download and install Nexus IQ Server first.

If you would like to see a description of the latest features, as well as those for a specific release, view our Release Notes

Starting with the 1.17 release, Sonatype CLM was renamed to Nexus IQ Server. You may still occasionally see Sonatype CLM in the product or documentation.

Download Our Latest Releases

In celebration of our 50th release, we've changed the versioning scheme of IQ Server. For this release, and all future releases, we're dropping the "1." prefix to indicate the continuous stream of features the IQ Server team delivers, and also highlight feature increments throughout releases.

Sonatype ApplicationLatest VersionDownload

IQ Server & CLI


Starting in 1.45, Nexus IQ Server uses a more effective and condensed format to store policy violation data. Depending on the database size of your installation and the hardware you use, upgrading your database to this new format can take notable time (up to hours in the worst case scenarios). You should review the upgrade procedure detailed in Upgrading the IQ Server to Version 1.45.

nexus-iq-server-latest.tar.gz (ASCMD5SHA1) (ASC, MD5, SHA1)

This bundle already contains the CLI tool for convenience.

Repository Manager 2


Please see Download Repository Manager 2

Repository Manager 3

3.xPlease see Download Repository Manager 3



nexus-iq-bamboo-plugin-1.16.0-01.obr (ASC, MD5, SHA1)

Requires IQ Server Version 70 and higher



Available to update through the Jenkins Update Center

Version 3.6x and higher requires IQ Server Version 69 and higher

Please see this page for installation notes and alternative methods: Nexus Platform Plugin for Jenkins

Hudson/Jenkins 1


This plugin is deprecated and is no longer receiving updates. We suggest that you install the Jenkins 3.x plugin and migrate your jobs between plugins; however, note there is no automated process to migrate.

Please see [DEPRECATED] Nexus IQ for Hudson/Jenkins 1.x

nexus-iq-jenkins-plugin-2.21.5-01.hpi (ASCMD5SHA1)

Azure DevOps

1.2.3Available to update through the Visual Studio Marketplace.



Eclipse Update Site:

Eclipse Plugin Zip:

Release Date: October 1, 2019

The update site above is not directly browsable, enter it into the list of update sites in Eclipse under "Help -> Preferences -> Install/Update -> Available Software Update Sites.

The plugin zip can be installed into Eclipse by using "Help -> Install New Software -> Add... -> Archive...".

IBM Rational Application Developer (RAD) is not tested, but should work. Note that the plugin requires Eclipse 4.4 and greater, RAD versions based on Eclipse older than this will not work.


This plugin is deprecated and is no longer receiving updates. A historical version that is only compatible with the 6.x branch of SonarQube is available as sonatype-clm-sonarqube-1.2.0-02.jar (ASCMD5SHA1).



nexus-iq-cli-1.95.0-01.jar (ASC, MD5, SHA1)

Requires IQ Server Version 69 and higher



This plugin is automatically downloaded when invoked.

Requires IQ Server Version 69 and higher


2.8.0 (ASCMD5SHA1)

Visual Studio

1.0The "Nexus IQ for Visual Studio" extension is installable from within Visual Studio using the Extensions and Updates dialog box. The extension may also be downloaded from the Visual Studio Marketplace.

Firewall for Artifactory

1.4 (ASC, MD5SHA1)

Nexus IQ for Jira

1.xThe "Nexus IQ for Jira" plugin is installable through the Atlassian Marketplace.

Clouds and Containers

Sonatype Nexus Repository Manager and IQ Server are offered via various cloud services and container formats. More information is available in the Integration space under Cloud Deployments.

Compatibility of IQ Server Integrations

Sonatype encourages use of an IQ Server release no older than six months. If you are using an older version of Nexus IQ Server, or any of the associated integrations, and wish to upgrade to the latest version, please contact our Support Team.

Some versions of Nexus IQ Server (1.26 and above) are not fully compatible with old integrations. In cases where reverse proxy authentication is used, communication failures could occur between old integrations and the IQ Server. Integrations should be updated to the latest version when using reverse proxy authentication. For more information, please see our documentation on Upgrading the IQ Server.

Compatibility of IQ Server with versions of our associated integrations are:

Nexus Repository Manager 2 compatibility with IQ Server

Repository Manager 2 VersionIQ Server VersionCompatibility
2.12 and higherAll versions

Nexus Repository Manager 3 compatibility with IQ Server

Repository Manager 3 VersionIQ Server VersionCompatibility
3.6 and higher*1.35 and higher

3.5**1.33 and higher

*Nexus Repository Manager 3.8 is the first version that fully supports Firewall with High Availability Clustering (HA-C).

**Nexus Repository Manager 3.5 is the first version that has Firewall properly supported for all repository formats (including NuGet). Previous versions have known issues and are not listed on this page.

Bamboo Plugin compatibility with IQ Server

Bamboo Plugin VersionIQ Server VersionCompatibility
1.14 and higher70 and higher

1.1369 and higher

1.9 through 1.12.1 50 and higher

1.81.45 and higher

1.1 through 1.7All versions

Nexus Platform Plugin for Jenkins compatibility with IQ Server

Review the Nexus Platform Plugin for Jenkins changelog before upgrading the plugin.

Jenkins Plugin VersionIQ Server VersionCompatibility
3.6.20190722-122200.83d1447 and higher69 and higher

3.3.20180830-142202.6bdf614 through 3.5.20190425-152158.c63841b50 and higher

3.0.20180425-130011.728733c through 3.3.20180801-112343.4970c8a1.47 and 1.48

1.1 through 3.0.20180214-134325.e1359001.26 through 1.46

Hudson/Jenkins 1 Plugin compatibility with IQ Server

This plugin is deprecated and is no longer receiving updates. We suggest that you install the Jenkins 3.x plugin and migrate your jobs between plugins; however, note there is no automated process to migrate.

IQ Azure DevOps Extension

IQ Azure DevOps Extension VersionIQ Server VersionCompatibility
1.2.3 and higher69 and higher

Eclipse Plugin compatibility with IQ Server

Eclipse Plugin VersionIQ Server VersionCompatibility
2.8 and higherAll versions

Maven Plugin compatibility with IQ Server

Maven Plugin VersionIQ Server VersionCompatibility
2.13.0 and higher69 and higher

2.9.x through 2.12.150 and higher and higher

2.3 through 2.8All versions

SonarQube Plugin compatibility with IQ Server

This plugin is deprecated and is no longer receiving updates.

IDEA Plugin compatibility with IQ Server

IQ for IDEA Plugin VersionIQ Server VersionIDEA VersionCompatibility
2.x and higher All versions 15.x through 2019.x

1.xAll versions14.x through 15.x

Visual Studio Plugin compatibility with IQ Server

Visual Studio Plugin VersionIQ Server VersionVisual Studio Plugin VersionCompatibility
1.01.32 and higher1.0

Firewall for Artifactory compatibility with IQ Server

Firewall for Artifactory Plugin VersionIQ Server VersionArtifactory VersionCompatibility

1.61 and higher

Not tested and not supported on multi-node clusters

Tested on Artifactory Pro 6.6.5

Nexus IQ for Jira compatibility with IQ Server

Nexus IQ for Jira Plugin VersionIQ Server VersionJira VersionCompatibility

1.67 and higher

Tested on Jira 7.13.0

Tested on Jira 8.1.2

Not compatible with cloud version of Jira.  Only self-hosted version supported at this time.