Resetting the Admin Account Password and Roles


The default admin account password and roles can be reestablished for your IQ Server as follows

  1. Shutdown your IQ Server if it is currently running.
  2. Run the following command inside of your IQ Server directory (where your nexus-iq-server-[version].jar  file is located).

    java -jar nexus-iq-server-[version].jar reset-admin config.yml

    Here you would replace [version] with your IQ Server version.

  3. You may now (re)start your IQ Server if desired.

If the original admin account still exists, then it will be updated if needed, otherwise it will be recreated.

In either case, after ensuring your IQ Server is shutdown and successfully running this command, the admin account will exist with its defaults of username "admin", password "admin123",  and roles.