Navigating N-Level Hierarchy


From the main navigation bar on the left, click on the Orgs and Policies icon 

Configurations for the Root Organization will be visible in the main section. On the inset left navigation bar, you will see a list of Organizations set up for your instance of Sonatype Lifecycle. 

  • The listed organizations are the top-level organizations set up directly under the Root Organization.
  • The number in parentheses () indicates the number of organizations and/or applications that are linked to this organization.
  • Search for a specific organization or application by entering its name in the filter located at the top of the left navigation bar.

Selecting an organization from the list in the left navigation bar will update the display. (marker A in the image below)

The updated list in the left navigation bar now shows the names of all organizations and applications that are linked to the selected organization. 

The breadcrumbs (marker B) indicate the nesting level of the selected organization.

The right-hand side view shows the configuration details for the selected organization.

Click on the Tree View button to see how organizations and applications are set up at various levels.

You will see a graphical tree view showing all organizations and applications that you have permission to view. You can expand the tree to view other organizations and applications that are linked under it.

NEW IN RELEASE 159 Enter the name of the organization or application in the search filter to navigate to it directly. 

Refer to Add, Edit and Delete Organizations.

Refer to Organizations REST API - v2 to view organizations.

Refer to N-Level Hierarchy Model fo rmore information on N-levels in Lifecycle.