Managing Automatic Source Control


Since IQ Server 1.72, applications have been automatically configured for integration with their respective source control management system. This allows Nexus IQ server to automatically report policy evaluation information back to the originating source control system. 

Starting with IQ server 1.77, users can now specify whether they want Nexus IQ server to perform automatic source control configuration through the Automatic Source Control Configuration system preference.

If automatic source control configuration is enabled, when an application is analyzed by the Nexus IQ CLI, the application's repository URL is automatically collected and stored. The repository URL then allows Nexus IQ Server to communicate relevant policy related information to developers by pushing this information to their source control management system.

Changing Automatic Source Control Configuration

In order to enable or disable automatic source control configuration, the feature must be configured by a user with the Manage Automatic Source Control Configuration permissionThis new permission has been added to the built-in Policy Administrator role, but it can be added manually to custom roles, if desired.

Users need the Evaluate Applications permission in the target application in order for the automatic source control configuration to work, which requires them to have the correct role.

To configure automatic source control, follow the instructions below:

  1. Log into the IQ Server with a user that has the Manage Automatic Source Control Configuration permission. This may be a user that has a Policy Administrator role.
  2. Click the System Preferences icon   located in the top right of the header.
  3. Choose Automatic SCM Configuration from the drop-down menu. The Automatic Source Control Configuration page will now be displayed.
  4. From here automatic source control configuration can be enabled or disabled using the toggle.
  5. Click the Update button to save your changes, or Cancel to discard them.

Using Automatic Source Control with Automatic Applications and SCM enabled

If you are using Automatic Source Control with Automatic Applications, the new applications will be imported into the Organization which is configured in Automatic Applications. If you try to automatically create applications that use a different SCM system than configured for the Organization selected in Automatic Applications, the source control features will not work.