Though most customers start their Lifecycle journey with manual scans, that strategy is difficult to maintain in the long-term. By integrating Lifecycle with other tools, you can migrate to a more sustainable strategy. Nexus Lifecycle's integrations allow you to automate and enforce every key Lifecycle workflow. Additionally, they allow you to Shift Left by putting more information in the hands of your developers, allowing them to make better decisions earlier in the software development life cycle.

Getting Started with Integrations

Regardless of which integration you want to begin with, you'll need to be sure you have appropriate permissions inside IQ Server and the target tool to make the necessary configuration changes. This may require you to reach out to a member of your Operations team.

Many of our integrations are activated through an official storefront or plugin manager, like with our Nexus Platform Plugin for Jenkins. This makes getting started with integrations easy, but requires some familiarity with the host tool. When activating these sorts of integrations, always be sure you're selecting the latest official Sonatype plugin.

And, as you might expect, our integrations rely on a properly configured host tool. We recommend reviewing your tool's configuration before getting started.

Integrations Pages