The IQ Server is an application exposed using a Dropwizard server.

The main configuration file for the IQ Server installation is a YAML formatted file called config.yml found in the installation directory. The config.yml file typically contains only those configuration options which are rarely changed.

Special considerations when editing the config.yml file:

  • TAB characters are not supported, use space characters only for indenting
  • structure is tree-like - indents define structure hierarchy and are relevant to proper parsing of the file
  • indented lines are considered child options of the first un-commented outdented line preceeding them
  • commented lines are ignored - comments begin with the # character
  • an improperly formatted config.yml will prevent the server from starting

We strongly recommend using a text editor that will inform you of any TAB characters accidentally inserted into the file.

Options that are more commonly changed are typically found in the System Preferences section of the IQ Server user interface, which you can access by clicking on the System Preferences icon located in the top right of the IQ Server header ().