Yum Package Analysis


The Yum coordinate based matching feature provides the ability to scan and evaluate Yum package dependencies found in a yum-packages.txt file.

What is supported

Files named yum-packages.txt  (tab separated list of Yum packages) will be analyzed

Integrations with Yum scanning support

  • CLI from version 91
  • Jenkins from version TBA
  • Bamboo from version TBA

Steps to analyze using the CLI

Create yum-packages.txt file

Run the Yum list command and pipe results to a txt file.

yum list installed > yum-packages.txt

Example yum-packages.txt file 

AntTweakBar.i386                         1.14-5.el5           	installed
AGReader.i686							 1.2-6.el6				installed
389-admin.x86_64                         1.1.29-1.el5           installed

Run a scan

Invoke a CLI scan of a directory or subdirectories containing a yum-packages.txt file.  Instructions on how to do this can be found here: Nexus IQ CLI.

Output from cli

Dashboard results

Report results