Debian Package Analysis


The Debian coordinate based matching feature provides the ability to scan and evaluate Debian package dependencies found in a debian-packages.txt file.

What is supported

Files named debian-packages.txt will be analyzed.

Integrations with Debian scanning support

  • CLI from version 90
  • Jenkins from version 3.9.20200623-110149.2e546a0
  • Bamboo from version 1.16.0

Steps to analyze using the CLI

Create debian-packages.txt file

To list the installed packages, and save the data to the required file, run the following command:

dpkg-query -W > debian-packages.txt

Invoke a CLI scan of a directory or subdirectories containing a debian-packages.txt file.  Instructions on how to do this can be found here: Nexus IQ CLI.

Example debian-packages.txt file 

openssl 0.9.7-beta2-1.2.121
stunnel 3.20.0
openssl 0.9.7-a-2-p429
nss 3.3.0+deb10u3

Output from cli

Dashboard results

Report results