IQ Server

Need Cloud? While any customer can deploy IQ Server to the cloud, Sonatype also offers a managed cloud option. Visit our sales page here to learn more.

Already a Nexus Lifecycle Cloud customer? Check out documentation specific to that product here.

Nexus IQ Server is Sonatype's policy engine powered by precise intelligence on open source components. It provides a number of tools to improve component usage in your software supply chain, allowing you to automate your processes and achieve accelerated speed to delivery while also increasing product quality.

Nexus IQ Server powers our Firewall, Lifecycle, and Auditor solutions. See Licensing and Features to learn more about our products and solutions.

Nexus Lifecycle is a solution that lets you identify open source risk in your applications, allowing you to secure your entire software supply chain. With Nexus Lifecycle, you can create custom security, license, and architectural policies based on application type or organization and contextually enforce those policies across every stage of the SDLC.

Where do I Start?

If you're a new Lifecycle user, check out our Getting Started page.

What's New?

To see the latest changes and updates to the IQ Server, see the Release Notes.

Our documentation is written to match the latest available release of Lifecycle (powered by IQ Server) and any associated Nexus Platform integrations.

To download the latest version, see Download and Compatibility.

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