Connecting to IQ Server to NXRM 3.x

The first step to integrating IQ Server features with Nexus Repository Manager 3.x is connecting to IQ Server from Nexus Repository Manager.

To configure the connection to IQ Server:

  1. In Nexus Repository Manager, click the Administration button   on the main toolbar.
  2. In the Administration main menu, click Server under IQ Server.
  3. Configure the following settings:
    1. Click to select Whether to use IQ Server to enable IQ Server.
    2. Enter the IQ Server URL.
    3. Select an Authentication Method:
      1. User Authentication: Enter a username and password.
      2. PKI Authentication: Delegate authentication to the JVM.

        It is recommended that you create a unique machine account with desired permissions for connecting IQ Server with Nexus Repository Manager. At a minimum, the account needs Evaluate Individual Components permission at the repositories level to use any available IQ Server features.

    4. Optionally, you can configure these properties:
      1. Enter a Request Timeout.
      2. Enter information in the Properties input field using a key=value definition per line. The Properties should be left blank, unless if instructed by Sonatype.

  4. Click Verify connection to test if a connection can be established.

If successful, a list the applications from IQ Server is displayed, and Dashboard appears under IQ Server on the Administration main menu.