View Quarantined Components

Firewall places components that violate a policy with the Proxy stage set to fail in quarantine.  Quarantined components are visible in the Firewall Tab of IQ Server and in the Repository Results Page. 

Firewall Tab

View Quarantined Components

To view quarantined components in the Firewall tab: 

  1. Navigate to IQ Server.
  2. Select Firewall from the sidebar. 
  3. Find the quarantined component in the Quarantine list. 

Repository Results

To view quarantined components in the Repository Results report:

  1. Navigate to IQ Server.
  2. Select Orgs and Policies.
  3. Select Repositories.
  4. Select the Repository with the Quarantined components you'd like to view.
  5. Select Quarantined in the Violations. 
  6. (optional) Filter for specific components as needed.

The Repository Results will only show components quarantined in a single repository. To see quarantined in all components use the Firewall tab. 

Quarantined Component View

Individual quarantined components can be viewed in the Quarantined Component View. This view is available when you request a quarantined component from the CLI. Checkout the documentation for Quarantined Component View to learn more.