Solutions vs. Products

You may have noticed that there is a difference between the names used on our website (solutions), and the names you will find on our help site (products).

In general, when we are talking about a solution, we are referring a particular license (e.g. Lifecycle vs. Firewall or Repository OSS vs. Repository Pro) and the features it unlocks. In contrast, when we describe a product, we specifically mean the thing you will install (e.g. Repository Manager and IQ Server).

While not a license in the same sense, the principal for Repository is the same, meaning we treat Pro as a license, which would enable features within the Repository Manager product. However, there is a slight difference between 2 and 3. For Repository 2, there are separate product installs that support each license. In contrast, for Repository 3, there is a single install that will provide OSS features by default, and allow a Pro license to be added, unlocking additional functionality.

Of course, this can still be a bit confusing, so we've broken down the various solutions (licenses) available, and their corresponding product in the table below.

Solution (License) Product (What's Installed)

Repository OSS 2

Repository Manager OSS 2
Repository Pro 2 Repository Manager Pro 2
Repository OSS 3 Repository Manager 3
Repository Pro 3 Repository Manager 3
Auditor IQ Server
Firewall IQ Server
Lifecycle IQ Server

As you may have noticed, in some cases the same product is installed regardless of the license. To help understand which features are unlocked by a particular license, we've included matrices to assist:

Repository Manager Feature Matrix

IQ Download and Compatibility