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Available in Nexus Repository OSS and Nexus Repository Pro

The repository manager ships with two users by default: admin and anonymous. The admin user has all privileges and the anonymous user has read-only privileges. The default password for the admin user is admin123. The Users feature view displayed in Figure 6.8, “Feature View with List of Users” can be accessed via the Users item in the Security section of the Administration menu. The list shows the users User IDFirst NameLast Name and Email as well as what security Realm is used and if the accounts Status is active or disabled.

Figure 6.8. Feature View with List of Users

Clicking on a user in the list or clicking on the Create user button displays the details view to edit or create the account shown in Figure 6.9, “Creating or Editing a User”. The ID can be defined upon initial creation and remains fixed thereafter. In addition you can specify the users First Name, Last Name and Email address. The Status allows you to set an account to be Disabled or Active.

The Roles control allows you to add and remove defined roles to the user and therefore control the privileges assigned to the user. A user can be assigned one or more roles that in turn can include references to other roles or to individual privileges.

Figure 6.9. Creating or Editing a User

On creation, you also must enter and confirm a Password.  On edit, the More button in the header allows you to select the Change Password item in the drop down. The password can be changed in a dialog, provided the user is managed by the built-in security realm.

Ensure to change the password of the admin user to avoid security issues. Alternatively create other users with administrative rights and disable the default admin user.

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