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What is Nexus Repository Manager High Availability - Clustering (HA-C)

High Availability Clustering (HA-C) is a feature available in Nexus Repository Manager Pro (NXRM Pro) designed to improve uptime by distributing your traffic across a cluster of separate NXRM "nodes" (instances).

Limitations and Known Issues

  • The initial release of this feature can support a three-node cluster in a single datacenter. Cross-datacenter (WAN) replication is not supported at this time.
  • Upgrading an already established cluster to a new version of NXRM requires shutting down all nodes. Support for rolling upgrades is not yet available.
  • NXRM HA-C is not yet compatible with Nexus IQ Firewall

Deployment Model

The deployment model for NXRM HA-C consists of:

  • Three separate instances of NXRM Professional, all running the same version
  • A shared file system to store your components
  • A load balancer to direct HTTP traffic across the nodes

Get Nexus Repository Manager High Availability - Clustering

Contact to learn more about how to access this feature.

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