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The notes below are a summary of new features, enhancements, and big fixes per version release. To access new the latest release, see our download page for details.

Repository Manager 2.14.7

This is a bug-fix release, compatibility with Java 7 has been restored.

Repository Manager 3.x Upgrade Compatibility

Please see Upgrade Compatibility - Repository Manager 2 to 3 for a complete reference.

General Improvements

An unintended change which required running 2.14.6 with Java 8 has been reverted. While we still recommend using the latest Java 8, this repository manager release restores the ability for users to run Repository Manager 2.x with either Java 7 or Java 8. 

Repository Manager 2.14.6

This is a bug-fix release to correct multiple XSS vulnerabilities that have been discovered in all versions of Nexus Repository Manager 2.x up to and including 2.14.5. We recommend all users updgrade to 2.14.6 or later immediately. Please see our support knowledge base article for more details.

See the complete release notes for all resolved issues.

Java 8 Required

Repository Manager 2.14.6 requires Java 8 to use. Please upgrade to Java 8 before upgrading to or installing this release. See Java System Requirements for more general information.

(info) This was an unintentional change that we are planning to adjust in the next release. We apologize if this causes inconveniences on your attempt to upgrade. Note, we will be deprecating Java 7 support for this product in the near future so you should be prepared to install the latest supported JVM, which is always a good idea to ensure performance and security of your Java programs.

Repository Manager 3.x Upgrade Compatibility

Please see Upgrade Compatibility - Repository Manager 2 to 3 for a complete reference.

General Improvements

  • [NEXUS-13882] - If an old indexing context is found when creating a new repository it should be deleted


  • [NEXUS-14034] - NuGet "filter=(tolower(Id))" queries don't use a database index in NXRM 2.x, causing severe performance issues in large instances


  • [NEXUS-15723] - Multiple XSS security vulnerabilities addressed

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