Lifecycle Cloud

This documentation is for Sonatype Lifecycle Cloud customers, and its contents won't be useful for most self-hosted customers. If you're not a Sonatype Lifecycle Cloud customer, visit our main documentation page here.

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Understanding Lifecycle Cloud

Sonatype Lifecycle Cloud is a hosted, managed solution from Sonatype for cloud-first customers who require a dedicated IQ Server instance. With Sonatype Lifecycle Cloud Sonatype hosts an instance of Lifecycle or Lifecycle+Firewall on AWS and assumes the responsibility of managing the specifics of its configuration.

It's important to understand that any customer can deploy into the cloud. In fact, many customers do. What sets Lifecycle Cloud apart is that it is a managed solution. Sonatype initialize the instance, reserves and allocates system resources, and maintains its operation. Normally, these tasks are handled by you, the customer.

Every Sonatype Lifecycle Cloud customer is pinned to their own instance; customers do not share an instance with other customers. Each instance is run over a secure connection and the underlying AWS environment is only accessible by those who must have access.

Customers who are interested in Lifecycle Cloud should keep in mind that Lifecycle Cloud is currently available only to cloud-first customers who require a dedicated IQ Server instance. If you have a team of over 200 developers,sign up for early access, or reach out to your CSE or Sales representative to learn more.

Using Lifecycle Cloud

Because Lifecycle Cloud is a hosted, managed deployment of IQ Server, using Lifecycle Cloud is similar to using a self-hosted deployment, with a few exceptions. In all cases, the best place to look for details about the operation, management, and features of Lifecycle and Firewall is our standard documentation.

See documentation about Lifecycle here.

See documentation about Firewall here.