Getting Started


BOM Doctor is rate limited by GitHub. If you get a rate limiting error, please try again later. We also have a limit on the number of evluations per hour and per day. If you recieve error 429, try again later.

BOM Doctor is publicly available at You do not need to be Sonatype customer to use it!

There are a few ways to get a checkup from the Doctor.

example of the BOM Doctor landing page with three options for getting started

Option 1: Add a GitHub Project URL

BOM Doctor can look up GitHub package URLs. Just copy/paste the URL and specify the branch name.

Note that BOM Doctor can only access public repositories.

Option 2: Search for a project (pURL)

BOM Doctor can also search for a project with a Package URL (pURL). A pURL is a coordinate scheme for sharing a component's coordinates located on public repositories. We support Maven Central, with other repositories to come.

Learn how to create a package URL here.

Option 3:

BOM doctor can make recommendations based on a CycloneDX format SBOM.

CycloneDX is a modern, full-stack, versatile SBOM format. Generate a CycloneDX SBOM from your source repo with the following command:

git clone <the github repo link>
cd <repo name>
mvn org.cyclonedx:cyclonedx-maven-plugin:makeAggregateBom

Then, drag-and-drop or browse and upload your SBOM file.

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